Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How I got interested in raw food

It was November last year and I already knew that being vegan is a much more healthier option. I was looking for vegan cookbooks which focused more on salads and uncooked vegetables when I chanced upon Going Raw by Judita Wignall. The book was in- depth, explained why eating raw is healthy & beneficial and the steps to transition to a plant based diet. So I followed... for a few days. Then, I left for Europe for 2 months and I had too much meat, processed food, unhealthy carbs, alcohol ;) . When I got back, I couldn't even bring myself to eat more meet since the mere thought of it made me sick. Then I thought, this is the best time to start again on raw and ever since January 2012 , Ive been about 60 -70 % raw. Recently, I've also been trying to go 100% raw and I must say I'm getting there. By just eating more raw food and less unhealthy food, I already feel more energised, emotionally better and I seem to accomplish much more in many aspects :)

Well, the main point of this post is to highlight how I learnt to become raw and how I keep myself motivated to eat raw. For the first few weeks, some of you may crave cooked food especially unhealthy food,  if that was a major part of your diet in the past. What really helped me and till today, has kept me motivated is having a good understanding of why raw food is better. I have read many e-books and cookbooks which explain clearly why it is important to adopt a plant-based diet. Without such an understanding, its easy to be put off or even distracted( especially by cravings). I know why i shouldn't eat many types of foods I used to eat and I also understand how the raw food I eat now will help me. Yes, I have already seen the changes. I don't rely on caffeine any more for a wake up call, no cravings for refined sugar/unhealthy carbohydrates,no sudden hunger pangs and most of all no fatigue throughout the day.My clothes have also become much looser for me and its not like i deprive myself of food. I just eat raw food.Healthy, nutritious food.Basically, I feel better not only physically but also mentally & emotionally. Not that I was mentally unfit in the past :D

I have relied on these cookbooks to transition to a plant based diet:

  • Going Raw by Judita Wignall
  • Raw Food/Real World by Sarma Melngailis & Matthew Kenney
  • Raw by Charlie Trotter & Roxanne Klein
I just got the last book and its full of amazing, exotic looking recipes why I am dying to try and I have to get down to that.

There are also several websites which are simple to start learning to prepare raw food

There are many more websites and materials form which I taught myself and am teaching myself to prepare raw food. The list is endless. Its important to learn the basics through reading cookbooks and other e-books , say, on juicing and making smoothies in order for you to become creative and create your own variations. All these material have inspired me to become more creative and even try learning the raw version of man dishes.

So that's a post to explain how I decided to become raw & a little on my journey . I've made many raw desserts and actually altered them since I don't like it too sweet so I will post that up and also a list of organic stores in Singapore from where you can buy organic produce and other essentials for a plant based diet

Till next time,

xx :)

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