Monday, 5 March 2012

Another quick post: Raw Fruit Cereal

Soon! I'm going to be posting in more detail:) & with the pictures

So I'm a huge fan of smoothies( the ones with fruit and milk ). Since I started eating raw, I've stopped consuming dairy products including milk. I have found a temporary alternative for milk. Thats raw organic almond milk. There is a really easy way to make it yourself( blend soaked almonds and water) but for me, I have yet to get  my hands on enough raw almonds to make milk (mylk). Here's a breakfast recipe and I have been having this in the morning for the past few days.

To replace the milk,
2 bananas
1 cup of organic almond milk( i usually get the unsweetened one and check the ingredients carefully)

Blend everything in a blender. Result: creamy, sweet banana milk. Surprisingly, I didn't taste the almond at all :) And its all raw, healthy, sweet and GUILT FREE :)

As for the cereal,

half a pack of blueberries( here in Singapore they come in the small standard packs). I would recommend getting them organic as blueberries don't have a hard skin to protect them from all that pesticide...

About 6 strawberries( I cut them in half)

You can add more chopped fruit such as berries? And this makes the much healthier, raw version of the packed cereals which come with more hidden ingredients than you think.

Once again, I've yet to upload pictures. I will also include the brands of the products I buy and where I buy them from as it can be pretty difficult to find some products in Singapore.

For the Organic Almond Milk,

Singapore: It can be found in many NTUCs , Fairprice Finest and the other upscale supermarkets.

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